What are aberrations?

Aberration is used as a general term to describe all kinds of irrational behavior of humans.

The term comes from the researcher L. Ron Hubbard and his controversial scientoloy, but I use this term anyway, since I don't know any researcher who investigated this topic that extensively.

Most people probably agree that there is a lot of irrational behavior in humanity, so we don't have to argue about the existance of aberrations. According to Hubbard aberrations are caused by traumatical experiences in the past, that have been surpressed and now work through the subconsciousness, he extends his theory that far that those experiences even could have occurred in past lifes.

Literally the word means "a deviation from normal" or "not straight" in the sense of not being able to think straight. The opposite of aberration would be "sanity".

Aberrations are probably the biggest cause of suffering and misery in the world, so they deserve some attention.

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