How aberrations work

Aberrations work in a seemingly mysterious way, since they work from the subconscious and therefore cannot be discovered by people who are not aware of them. They are in the subconscious and therefore are not conscious, sounds obvious, but somehow aberrated people cannot even understand such simple truths, so you have to emphasize this sometimes.

One has to think of aberrations as programs or better malicious programs like malware or viruses on the computer, just for the human brain/mind. Once they slip through the consciousness guard and make their way into the brain/mind undiscovered they can change the persons behavior to become aberrated.

A good example would be childhood traumas, that change the childrens behavior for the rest of its life, since children are very susceptible, because their consciousness is not that developed yet. Probably the majority of aberrations are caused in the childhood, if you exclude the theory of the aberrations being caused in the past lifes.

Hubbard calls those programs that cause the aberrations "engrams" and they work through the reactive mind which could be translated as the subconsciousness.

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