Healing aberrations

The process of healing aberrations is called "clearing". Clear is the opposite of the aberrated state.


clear = rational and aberrated = irrational.

Healing of aberrations is very simple in theory, but very hard in reality.

We know that aberrations are programs in the subconsciousness and they cannot be healed since they are not conscious, so obviously you have to make them conscious to be able to heal them. This is the hardest part, since a person is usually blind to its own subconscious behaviors. This should lead to the conclusion that you may need someone else to observe it and tell you. You can also solve it your own, but someone else who is capeable usually works much better, the problem is just, that it is very hard to find someone who is capeable. Another big problem is, that the person needs to be able to admit his irrational behavior, to be able to solve it, making it conscious is not always enough, since most people then just tend to deny it. But once those steps are done the solving should be the easier part, sometimes the problem may even solve itself once it became conscious.

I try to explain things as simple as possible and not go into the details, since I don't like to read much and things are simple and obvious, people just don't see it because of their irrational thinking.

Aberration = malicious program in your subconscious mind

Solution = making it conscious, if necessary with the help of others

This could be simplyfied even more by just saying:

Aberration = unconscious behavior

Clear = conscious behavior

Solution = becoming conscious

Every more complicated explanation is just a detailed explanation of this simple truth. Of course often detailed instructions are needed as well, but if you reduce them again it boils down to the same simple conclusion as written before. Detailed information will follow in separate articles then. I want to try to keep every stage as simple as possible.

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