Defending yourself against religions

As the purpose of all worldly religions is to make you surrender, the solution, the ultimate defense is, to simply not surrender, no matter what.

Purpose of religion: Make you surrender.

Defense from religion: Do not surrender.

Should be simple, the problem is just, that one tends to forget simple truths and so while someone forgot the principles, one can be fooled.

To overcome the forgetfulness one has to repeat this simple truth almost like a mantra or at least over and over again. Once you keep the principle in your mind you can always ask yourself what other persons are trying to do with you or induce in you.

How to identify if someone wants to convert you/make you surrender:

It is not very likely that someone directly says to you that you have to surrender, but it can happen as well, mostly it is said inbetween the lines and not directly. In that case it is very easy to spot.

More difficult to identify are the common and subtle ways to make you surrender, but they can be grouped into a few categories:

-They try to make you obey, especially obey authorities like priests and gurus.

-They try to make you submissive by doing submissive things or poses like prayer where you kneel or lie down.

-They try to keep you away from questioning things, since if you question things it can instantly destroy their whole system.


Of course you have to think for yourself and distinguish between the things, since not all of the listed things are always bad, they are just an indicator. So you cannot just always disobey, resist and be arrogant. Especially if the religions have a lot of power it is often more wise to just go with it and not escalate it too much and when you have the opportunity just leave silently.

Surrendering and listening to others is not always bad, since human relations are based on that, but it has to happen voluntarily and not through force, fear or feeling guilty. That is how you can spot if someone is trying to manipulate you, but when in doubt, just do not surrender. Only if your life is threatened then it may not be very wise to not surrender, you can just pretend going with it.

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