Uebergame - General Dedicated-Server hosting guide

This guide explains, how you can host a dedicated server for Uebergame.

1. You need to download the game, either from this site, or through steam (for servers you can use steamcmd and install the app ID directly on that server, look into a steamcmd tutorial for that).

2. Then you need to upload it to your server, if your own home computer will be the server or you used steamcmd to directly install it on your server, you can skip this step.

3. Navigate to the folder where you unpacked your zip file or you specified where to install the game from steamcmd.

From there on you can launch the server by executing the binary with the parameters "-dedicated -level missionfile.mis -type DM" ( for versions and older it is: "-dedicated -mission levels/mission1/missionfile.mis" )

For Windows it will look like this:

Uebergame.exe -dedicated -mission TG_BuildingSite/TG_BuildingSite_dawn.mis -type DM

( for versions and older the command is: "Uebergame.exe -dedicated -mission ./levels/Training_Grounds/TG_BuildingSite/TG_BuildingSite_dawn.mis" )

this will launch a dedicated server with the level TG_BuildingSite_dawn.mis

For Linux you have to use the special dedicated server binary, it is included in the game since version

./Uebergame-dedicated -dedicated -mission TG_BuildingSite/TG_BuildingSite_dawn.mis -type DM

( for versions and older the command is: "./Uebergame-dedicated -dedicated -mission ./levels/Training_Grounds/TG_BuildingSite/TG_BuildingSite_dawn.mis" )

4. Don't start them yet, if you want to customize your configs for the server, you may have to do it manually, since you don't get into the ingame options menu on a server machine.

For manually editing the server configs you have to navigate to scripts/server/defaults.cs and edit it manually to your likings. (don't edit the master server or server region, since your server will not be listed then)

5. Open ports if necessary on your firewall, you will need to open the ports 28000 and 28002, if you plan to host multiple servers from that machine, you will have to also open more ports. The game will use 28001 for the second server, 28003 for the third server etc, so open as many ports as you will need for your servers.

6. Scripts: You may want to use a server script to start the server and restart them if they crashed, since they are not very stable yet.

There are two problems at the moment, one is that servers disappear from the server list, but this happens only when a lot of people play on it and the servers crash sometimes, this happens also more likely under load and does not happen that often.

To prevent that I use a script that restarts the servers automatically after a certain period of uptime, 4 hours in my case.

You can modify the script to your needs, by default it restarts the server every 4 hours.

The scripts are included in the game since version they are called: Uebergame-dedicated.bat for Windows and Uebergame-dedicated.sh for Linux

But since version the bugs might be solved that made a regular restart necessary, but I keep my servers restarting once a day or so, in case anything breaks down.

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