Uebergame Manual

Remember when games had manuals? This is one of those manuals. If you read it you can understand how it all works, can you imagine that?
Ok many things are pretty self explanatory or at least should be and the rest you can look up here.

Main Menu:

The main menu lets you access all functions of the game, even when you are in game. While in-game it is
accessed by pressing the "esc" key and also closed when pressing "esc" again. All main menu items are toggle buttons,
so to open them you press the button and to close it, you press it again.
In-game the menu remembers which windows you had open and opens them again by pressing "esc" the next time, this can be practical
in some cases. For example with the admin menu or the armory menu where you pick your weapons, so you can keep them both open for making
quick changes, but those additional menu items that are only available in-game also have hotkeys on their own, so you can chose what to use.

"Join" will let you connect to games running on the internet.

"Query Master"refreshes the internet server list,
alternatively you can open the Join menu again, it will also refresh the list.

"Cancel Query" will cancel the refreshing of the servers list.

"Query LAN" searches for games in a local network.

"Join IP" will let you connect manually to a server by IP.
Syntax is: , first IP address, then port number, which can vary as well if multiple servers are launched
it will count up like 28000, 28001, 28003, 28004 etc, 28002 is already used for the master server.

Right click on a server will open a popup menu with the following options:
"Refresh Server" will refresh only the selected server in the list.
"Server Info" will display detailed server informations.
"Mark Favorite" will add the servers to your favorites list. (feature may be broken right now)

"Host" will let you start your own game.

Chose a map, a mission type, adjust the server options and press "Load Level".

Adjust the "Bot Count" slider if you want to play against Bots or have some in your match,
if the "Bot Count" slider gets stuck at a certain number you have to go to server options and increase max players first.
Max bot count is currently 63 since 64 is supposed the highest possible server size, so one space left for a human player.
You probably want to leave a few more slots open for human players than one, but one is minimum, since if a game runs and no human
is there to observe it, does the game really exist?
However you can increase the "Max Players" in server options menu up to 255 max and also add more bots later from inside the game
in the "Admin Menu" until it is all filled up, but the game will likely run extremely slow or crash then, so use at your own risk.

The "Multiplayer" checkbox has to be enabled, if you want your game to be listed publicly,
turn it off, if you want to play singleplayer offline.

"Server Options"
The server options menu offers lots of settings for hosting your own server, the options should be self explanatory.
"Super Admin" password is only for dedicated servers, since on localy hosted servers, the host is always super admin by default.
"Admin password" offers admin roles with lesser privileges.
Admin passwords have to be entered in the Admin menu in game and of course previously defined in the server options before hosting them.

"Admin Menu" When you are ingame you have the admin menu button in the bottom left, it gives you some control over the server.
You can change map, kick/ban players, add/remove bots and much more. You should use the admin menu when a game is running, for example if you want to change the map,
since when you click on host and choose another map, you will kill the current server and all players will drop out of the game, which is not nice.
Many options in the admin menu are for when you are admin or super admin, but even when you are a regular player you can still use it, to initiate votes,
create fire teams or private message players.
The voting system lets you pretty much control the server when you are alone, you can chose which map or gamemode to switch to or adding bots and some other stuff.

"Editor" Will open the editor menu, where you can choose a template to begin your new level with.

If the editor button is pressed from inside the game, it will toggle to the editor mode, but be careful when editing the level
while other players are in it, some changes will crash the game for other players, like the terrain, material, datablock and shape editor,
however adding/removing/moving/changing objects works perfectly fine while people are playing on the server.

​For further information read the "Editor" help.

"Options" Opens the options menu for player settings, graphics, audio, controls and network settings.

"Player Tab"
Set your player name, choose a skin and change your field of view (FOV) here, but the default FOV of 90 gives the best gaming experience.
The player skin preview window is a bit bugged sometimes and does not always respond, but better than having no preview at all.

"Graphics Tab"
You should adjust the graphic settings before you play, try auto adjust, it gives good defaults, then adjust it to your needs.

If you want to play on highest settings, but it runs too slow, try setting shader quality to "high" and
disable SSAO and/or HDR, those options give the greatest performance increase, without impacting the graphics much.

For really slow computers like laptops you probably have to chose low settings, where setting lighting quality
to lowest will give the greatest performance boost, but will also give the biggest graphic quality loss.

For games with lots of players you should reduce the decal lifetime very low, otherwise the game will lag after time or even crash,
for example if you play with 63 bot players, otherwise having long decal lifetime is fine and
will give better immersion as the battlefield gets messed up over time.

"Audio Tab"
Will let you set your audio device and will let you adjust the volume, as well as volume for the different channels.

"Controls Tab"
Controls shows you the keybindings and lets you rebind them to keys of your choice.
You can also change mouse sensitivity and mouse wheel binding.
"Restore Defaults" will reset your config and restore the default keybinds.

"Network Tab"
"Display on MasterServer" checkbox lists your server on the master server list, which you can see in the "Join" menu.
Deactivate this only if you want to host private games, that can be accessed by "connect through IP address" directly, but are not listed
in the "Join" menu. Alternatively you can also just set a password for the server in "server options" in the "Join" menu.
"Master Server Address" This should not be changed, otherwise you will not find any games in the "Join" menu list.
If you know how to operate your own master server, you can change it to that for experimental reasons.
"Local Server Port" The port of your server when you host one, if you change that take that into account for the
"Join IP" instructions for joining a server directly through the IP address and tell people the correct port.
"Network Settings Sliders:" These are advanced network settings when hosting your own server, only change those
if you know what you are doing or for experimentation purposes.
"PacketSize" The size of the packets in bytes. Default is: 450.
"PacketRateToServer" The frequency of the packets per second send to server from client. Default is: 32.
"PacketRateToClient" The frequency of the packets per second send to client from server. Default is: 32.
"LagThreshold" Buffer for lag in milliseconds. Default is: 250.

Some Guidelines: Take into account that when hosting a server it is the upload bandwidth that counts,
which is usually much lower for end user consumers, which also has to be multiplied by the number of players connected, since the data has to
be send to each connected client. The default settings are highest since the official dedicated servers have no bandwidth problems.
The math goes as follows 32x450 packet size = 14 400 bytes or 14.4 kilobytes per client, so a person with 100kB/s upload can host about 7 player games
smoothly, above that it still may work, but occasional lags will happen or the ping goes up. According to my experience up to 10 players still works with
100kB/s bandwith, sometimes even up to 16, but it does not run very smooth and lags occur, so for those cases you can adjust the network settings.
Go to "User/Documents/My Games/Uebergame/config.cs" file if you want to adjust the settings exactly or see what they are set to.

14.4K Modem (Minimum):              PacketSize = 100;   PacketRateToServer = 8;    PacketRateToClient = 10;
28.8K Modem:                               PacketSize = 200;   PacketRateToServer = 16;   PacketRateToClient = 12;
56.6K Modem:                               PacketSize = 240;   PacketRateToServer = 20;   PacketRateToClient = 16;
DSL/ ADSL Connection:                PacketSize = 350;   PacketRateToServer = 24;   PacketRateToClient = 20;
Cable Connection:                         PacketSize = 400;   PacketRateToServer = 24;   PacketRateToClient = 24;
T1/ LAN Connection (Maximum):   PacketSize = 450;   PacketRateToServer = 32;   PacketRateToClient = 32;

"Extras" offers some players:

"Recordings" will open a player which lists the recorded demos, the "alt F8" -hotkey by default, toggles demo recording on/off,
recorded demos are placed in "User/Documents/My Games/Uebergame/recordings/*", but can only be played from inside the game.
Warning playing a demo will disconnect you, if you are in a game already.

"MusicPlayer" opens a simple audio player, which can play music from ingame.
This is an experimental feature for now, if you want to use it, you can place music files into the games settings folder:
"User/Documents/My Games/Uebergame/music/*" the player will then grab those files and offer them in the list.
As this is an open source game, .mp3 is not supported, only .ogg vorbis files.

"MoviePlayer" opens a simple movie player, which plays recorded movies using the build in recording function,
the movie recording can be toggled on/off with "alt F7" hotkey by default, the keybind can also be changed in options/controls menu,
the recorded movies will be placed in "User/Documents/My Games/Uebergame/movies/*".
Warning this is a very simple video recording with bad optimization and sound may not work as well.

"Help" opens this dialog.

"Disconnect" This button appears only when you are in a game, it will disconnect you and bring you back to the main menu.

"Exit" The power button on the top right exits the game immediately without prompting, so be careful.