Default Controls

These are the default controls, including some more detailed description.


W        Move Forward
S        Move Backward
A        Strafe Left
D        Strafe Right
Space        Jump
Ctrl        Crouch, makes you smaller, but also enables sneaking mode where footstep noises are removed.
Left Shift        Sprint, if have to go faster.


Mouse Button        Fire
Mouse Button 2        Aim, this toggles iron sights or sniper scope, depending on weapon. Iron sighted weapons shoot more accurate depending on weapon.
F        Toggle Zoom level, increases the zoom level, when iron sighted or scoped, if the highest zoom level is reached it will reset back to normal zoom level.
1-8        Weapon Slots, 1 switches to first weapon slot, 2 to second weapon slot etc.
R        Reload Weapon, remember this game uses hard clip system, so any ammo left in the current clip is thrown away with the clip, like in real life.
G        Throw Grenade, throws your grenade, if it is the shape charge, press G again to detonate it after it armed itself.
Alt G        Throw Grenade as ammo for pickup by others.
B        Use Special, use your special ability.
Alt B        Throw Special as pickup for others, throws away your special ability so others can pick it up.
I        Open Armory Hud, you can choose your weapons, grenades and special ability here, depending on server rules, you can also save loadouts for later use.


Tab        Show scoreboard, shows the scores of all players.
T        Chat All, chat to everyone.
Y        Chat Team, chat only to team members.
U        Chat FireTeam, message to your fire team members only, fire teams can be created in the Admin Menu.
C        Quick Chat Hud, this offers pre-defined chat messages for quick use, it can also be customized, by copying the file scripts/gui/quickChat.cs into
        your user home directory "User/Documents/My Games/Uebergame/quickChat.cs" and editing it, then the game will use your modded file for quickChat instead.
O        Open Admin Menu, this is admin features as well as for voting and has a player list where you can private message other players or manage fire teams.
P        Resize Message HUD, this changes the size of the message HUD in the upper left corner, useful if you want a better overview of the last messages.
Pageup        Scroll up messages, if a chat message is already gone, you can scroll back up with this key and find it again.
Pagedown        Scroll down messages, scrolls back down to the most recent messages again.

Other functions:

Alt K        Suicide, kill yourself, good if you got stuck or want to update your equipment quicker, can also be done in the armory Hud.
N        Net graph, shows ping etc.
Alt Enter        Fullscreen, can also be set in options menu.
Alt H        Hides the HUD (also hides exit menu, so put back on, if you want to exit).
V        Vanity, enables free look in third person.
insert        Vote Yes, votes yes when a vote has been initiated by someone.
delete        Vote No, votes no when a vote has been initiated by someone, but does not matter that much since, if you don't vote it counts as no as well.

F1        Show metrics (Frames per second).
F2        Show ueber metrics (Frames per second, polycount and much more).
F3        Third Person, switches to third person view.

F5        Screenshot, makes a screenshot and save it to "User/Documents/My Games/Uebergame/screenshots/*".
F6        Screenshot without HUD, quickly hides the HUD, makes a screenshot without HUD and brings the HUD back.
Alt F7        toggle Movie recording, records a movie using the amazing build in video recording feature (do not use, it sucks).
Alt F8        toggle Demo recording, records a demo of the game, so you can watch your game later in the recordings player in the Extras menu.

F9        Console, opens the console, developer feature for debugging and entering manual commands.
F11        World Editor, only works when you are the host of the game, it opens the editor to edit the current level, it works when people are playing in it,
        but be careful, some changes make the game crash for other players, the terrain, material, datablock and shape editor should not be used while other players are connected, but with the
        object editor or the sketch tool for example you can have lots of fun building levels while people are playing in the level.

ESC        Opens the main menu, press disconnect, if you want to quit the current game or press the power button to instantly exit the whole program.