To install the game, just unpack the downloaded package anywhere you want on your computer.

Linux: To start the game on Linux you need to make the Linux binary executeable. To do that you need to open a terminal in the main folder and type in: chmod +x Uebergame-Linux-32-Bit

Depending on the distribution and system you use, you may need to install some libraries, likely 32 bit libraries, since most people have 64 bit systems now.

The command to install known missing libraries is: sudo apt-get install libstdc++6:i386 libxft2:i386 libxxf86vm1:i386

There is no guarantee on this to work, it is just the experience of one person that tested it on Ubuntu, so you may modify this command according to the command in your distribution, you can also contact me for correction or additions of these instructions here.

Remember the Linux build is not very stable yet and has quite some bugs left, so do not expect too much.


To start the game simply launch the "Uebergame.exe" inside the "Uebergame folder" you unpacked, alternatively you can make a shortcut on your desktop linking to the "Uebergame.exe".

Once you are in the game, you can either join an existing game or host one yourself.


To join a game press the join button in the main menu, then press query master server and it will search for internet games running, once you found a game you want to join select it and click the green arrow on the right to start the game, the red arrow on the left brings you back to the main menu.


To host a game, simply click the host button in the main menu, select your level (at the moment there is only one level) and then press the green arrow on the right to start hosting your game, other people on the internet will now be able to find and join your game. Make sure the checkbox called "host" is selected (it is selected by default) this will make your game available over the internet for others to join.


Before you play you might want to look into the options to setup your preffered graphics quality, audi settings and controls, you can always open the options menu when you are in the game with the F8 button also later.


You can build your own levels with that, but beware it is for experienced users, better you make a copy of your folder before you play around with it, since the editor is very powerful and when you accidentally overwrite essential game settings or files you might not be able to play with others anymore. More information to that will come later.

The Editor does not open directly yet, so you have to press F 11 top open it, you can also open it anytime in the game when you are the host.


To exit the game click the exit button, but closing the window through the "x" works also.



1. The game fails to start because of missing .dll bug: If you get an error when launching the game that you need some kind of .dll files, that is because of DirectX, getting the latest DirectX from microsoft should solve the issue.

2. If you hosted a game and the others cannot see your game, then you likely have the needed port blocked on your router or firewall, you need to open port 28000 and 28002 UDP then and allow the connections from the internet to the game.


Known bugs:

-The game lags a bit from time to time, there are little lags through the game mechanics, you have to live with that for the first, try lowering your settings in the options a bit more to get more FPS to compensate that a bit.


-On Linux the mouse has some issues in windowed mode, so switch to full screen for that,

-The sound does not work

-Settings do not save under Linux, likely because of permission issues.