Popularity is the only metric that exists

I recently discovered that popularity is the only thing that matters in our world. Popularity is the only way to measure anything, the answer to any question and the ultimate argument. Everything that exists boils down to popularity, success, knowledge, skill, achievement and even arguments who is right and who not is decided by popularity aka democracy, who has the most people behind him, wins.

Of course that is all wrong, but it is how the sheeple think it works. Recently I had some kind of revelation and I noticed that whenever I debated with sheeple, sooner or later they will bring up the popularity "argument". In most cases probably sooner, but in some cases they actually enter in an argument with me, but when they are about to lose the argument, which is basically as good as always the case they will always resort to popularity to turn the discussion into "their" favor.

Their argument roughly works this way: "Oh well we talked a lot and you made good arguments, but well you are not popular and therefore you are not right and don't know anything, because people who are right and know things always get popular and you are not popular, therefore you cannot know anything and cannot be right and since the masses of sheeple are absolutely perfect in any way at any time at anything universally you are therefore wrong, because you are not popular and even if you are more popular than me then therefore I decide you are not more popular and I'm more popular because even though I'm not more popular I'm at least on the side of those who are more popular, which makes me basically more popular myself"

Sounds very complicated, irrational and illogical, well yes, but that is how they "think". This has really started to seriously annoy me, it feels to me like almost every human around me is some kind of NPC with a script and I already know what they will resort to 99% of the time. Very commonly it happens with my game project Uebergame, where in the end they will always say "Haha nobody is playing it, therefore it is bad." then they run away and occasionally show up again and pretend to have a discussion, but as soon as I try to argue they will go "Haha you are not popular" and run away again. This is when I noticed that this is all that matters to people. Their coming back and bullying me again is probably some kind of attempt to brainwash me back into the herd and give up to do things or be at places that are "unpopular" and go somewhere "popular" even though they themselves are not more popular, but they perceive it like that, since they found a few buddies that constantly reassure them they are popular.

It feels to me that even though they are seemingly totally braindead, they still notice that I'm different and they seem to try to re-educate me into their belief system and way of "thinking". When I tell them that popularity is not my priority they will take that as evidence I want to be popular, since they think nobody ever wants anything else, since popularity is the only thing that matters. They think nobody ever does things, because he likes to do those things, but instead does things he hates that will make him popular.

When I try to argue with the sheeple, they will come with "Oh you are not right, look you are not popular" and then they pick something like "Oh and nobody plays your game, that is why you are wrong." As if their approval matters to me they think they can punish me with giving me their popularity or taking it away in order to gain control over me. They are thinking like "Be like us, stop doing wrongthink, then you will be popular and we will play your game" or similar irrational stuff. They constantly bring up things I did or say some time in the past as if that is all that matters, especially their approval that matters or they pick up something I wrote in the past about some "religious stuff" they did not understand and then say "Oh you are crazy for being religious, stop being like that then you will be more popular like us" even though I'm not religious at all, but that does not matter to them, reality does not matter at all to them, only their perception of it they can agree on through their popularity matters. If the sheeple agree on a thing it will become popular and therefore it will become reality, since popularity is the only metric to determine anything.

I had many other examples in mind, I don't want to talk about my game all the time, even though that is one of their main attack points towards me, but there is another one, that is even more common and much older and that is them trying to get me banned, because I'm not popular enough. I have a long history of getting banned on the internet and I never could really figure out what I did do wrong that caused them to ban me, since I hardly ever broke any rules or was rude, impolite or anything, it was really mysterious, but now I figured it all out, it is, because I was not popular. This took me a long time to realize and I only realized it, because someone actually said that this was the reason I was banned, it was because the majority of people did not like me and with majority they meant a handful of people including some moderators/admins that then agreed to ban me for no reason other than, they did not like me.

You have to understand, that since the sheeple think popularity is all that matters, every sheeple is basically also a bootlicking hypocrite, since he will sacrifice anything else just to be popular and be accepted into the group. Since popularity is everything that matters, there is also only one offense you can commit, it is being unpopular. Now I can understand their fanaticism about becoming popular, since I realized, if you become a certain level of unpopular, you will get canceled, meaning they want to get rid of you, exterminate you, but since that is not legal, they do the best their can to ban you.

The irony in this is, that often I was called a nazi for having supposed wrong thoughts, but then they act like nazis trying to get rid of me, but somehow I'm the nazi even though they act like nazis and I'm not doing anything. That is how their magic "logic" works anything is possible if you are popular enough, you can bend truth, logic and reality, anything can be anything, you just need enough people to assure you you are on the right group and it is right to get rid of the wrong group.

Oh I forgot the most amazing genius behind the popularity system, which makes it infinitely superior to anything. Why? Well because if you argue through arguments, logic, reason, knowledge, skills or achievements you always have to abide by reality and its laws, but with popularity you don't, popularity is not based on anything, it is 100% arbitrary, the only thing for something or someone to become popular is that one has to decide that it is like this, nothing else needed and nothing else allowed. Of course they will often make up reasons why someone or something is popular, but that is just a cover up, in reality it does not matter at all, anything can be used and later after it has been declared popular, the popularity of that thing or person will be used to proof the popularity itself. So why is someone or something popular? Well because that person or that thing is popular, there is no other reason, in fact reason does not exist, only popularity.

Some sheeple, if they even survived reading until here may now say "Well since you figured it out you can finally obey us and follow us to become popular" but I realize if they think like this, there is not anything I can do in the world that will make me popular, since they decide what is popular, they are the sheeple, they are the arbiter of truth, they are reality and reality is not reality, you cannot win against them. Now since I know that their only goal is to bring me down and make me a slave like them, it makes it infinitely harder for me to surrender to them.

Speaking of surrendering that is also someone literally said to me, he claimed that I'm mentally ill and I cannot be one of them, because I cannot "surrender". With surrendering he meant, stop asking questions meaning stop thinking for yourself, stop acting yourself, stop being yourself, just give up yourself and become a mindless drone like us, then you will be happy. They are like "Nobody can know anything, be anything, achieve anything, be right or be happy if he is not popular". Of course they hardly ever say those things literally, I'm just converting their lies into a more truthful version, so one can better understand what they really mean. However sometimes very rarely, they say it literally and that is where I got most of my revelations from, where I got the definitive proof, since otherwise it is mostly just guessing and you never have 100% truth, but when they admit to it, you have the definitive proof and this is what lead me to this revelation and this article.

For other individuals able to think for themselves their journey might have been different, but these are the places where I figured it out. For example a person I like a lot and I follow on the internet said that he wanted to become a musician, but they basically cancelled his life, because the sheeple were like "Haha you may be good at what you do, but you are not popular, so we don't care and because you are not popular you are not good at anything and not really a musician, since only musicians that are popular are real musicians, since popularity is the only metric and by the way you are not allowed to be a musician, only Hans Z immer is allowed to do it, because he is popular, not you."

So if you consider yourself an individual and not part of the masses of sheeple, you can look back at your life and you will probably find those "Haha you are not popular" arguments as well others did to you to cancel your life. I even can remember it happening in movies, often probably not even intended, for example in Star Wars the first episode. I remember the scene where Anakin was a slave on this desert planet like everyone else, but secretly he was probably one of the most powerful beings in the universe and he was building a pod racer to take part in probably one of the most technically sophisticated and dangerous sport in the universe, as a little kid against adults. Think about this contrast, he was about to do one of the hardest and most impossible tasks in the whole universe, probably not even possible to mere mortals and when he was building his pod racer the other kids would come, look at it in disgust and say "Oh you will fail, you are bad" and then say to the other kids "Come lets rather play ball". The other kids were representing the sheeple and for them, the most dangerous and technically sophisticated sport in the universe was not good enough and the least dangerous least technically sophisticated sport in the universe was better to them, because they agreed on it, that it is more popular and since popularity is the only thing that matters, it will make the least impressive thing the most impressive and the most impressive thing the least impressive.

I hope this was not too far fetched, but I kept that example in my head for quite a while now and here was a good opportunity to write that metaphor down. Something similar happened to me on an internet forum, even though it just happened in someones perception. I presented my game to people and as predicted they would come "Oh you are not good enough, because haha you are not popular", but then something else happened, one guy said, because I emphasized on the graphics quality, that my my game is bad, but the work on the engine, rendering and editor was just good enough. He was probably one of those technical analphabets having no clue what amount of effort is behind to develop something like this. Of course I did not make the engine or wrote the rendering libraries, that is just ridiculous, it would take a genius programmer probably a lifetime to program everything from scratch, it is one of those hardest tasks in the universe, but he really thought I did, but he put it off as if that is not impressive at all, or just a good warmup exercise and the work I did do did not exist to him. At that moment I had to think about the pod racer scene from Star Wars, where the kids were more impressed by playing ball than by the most dangerous sport in the universe.

It really makes me sad to realize that most sheeples brain is so primitive that they cannot know or understand anything and they have to look what is popular as their only metric of what is impressive and what not. Oh I just came up with the greatest example ever probably, you know how the most popular social media personalities are often mentally retarded manchildren whose greatest qualification is to play video games? I mean playing video games is one of the least impressive "skills" in the world, but creating a video game is one of the most impressive skills in the world, but to the sheeple, playing video games is the most impressive skill in the world and making a video game is for amateurs. They come to such ridiculously wrong conclusions, because well, they use popularity as their only metric for everything and they think they are the arbiter of truth, because they can make it up with their popularity, if you got enough popularity you can bend space and time.

That is why someone playing video games deserves to earn millions and someone making video games deserves nothing. The artist does not deserve to be popular and make money, that would be arrogant and egoistic, the humble sheeple in their mercy will take all the popularity and money away from him, helping him to become more humble. On the other hand the popular sheeple deserve all the popularity and all the money, because they are popular and they deserve it for the reason that is no reason at all.

I literally had people say that to me like:
"Oh you are so arrogant for creating things and thinking this makes you better than others who do not create anything. Creating things will make you better than others and that is arrogant of you and evil, that will not make you popular. Since popularity is the only thing that matters, we are actually helping you canceling your life, because that will make you more popular, when you are a loser like us."

The biggest irony of it all is that all their promises of becoming popular, happy and successful, if you just "surrender" to them are a total scam, since even if you do so, you will not get anything for it, everything will be the same, they will never keep their promises, maybe they will bother you a bit less. It was all just about making you as miserable as them, so they can feel more comfortable about themselves and since they don't have anything to offer you, they made something up and this is their "popularity", which in reality does not even exist, it is just a fantasy, but that fantasy is all that matters to them, since they have nothing in life that matters.

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