The benefits of quitting social media

Some time ago I decided to quit all or almost all social media. The main reason probably is that I read articles about how social media has been scientifically proven to make you unhappy and less productive etc. I will make a short list of the benefits of quitting social media I encountered:


1. More happiness

2. More time

3. Saves work updating all the profiles

4. More motivation

5 .More efficient working

6. More willpower

7. Less distraction

9. Less stress

10. Less company with idiots

10. Less superficial bad relationships with other people

11. More deeper good relationships with other people

12. Not getting censored all the time

13. Not getting banned all the time

14. Not getting angry, because getting censored and banned all the time

15. Better mental health

16. Better physical health, because less time spend on the PC

17. Becoming more social, since social media makes you antisocial, counter to popular belief

18. And of course more freedom since social media is a prison system where fascistoid guards try to censor and "correct" you all the time


So thats what I could come up with for now, sure some are similar and/or the consequence of another, but I thought it was important to list them all to further underline the many benefits. Overall I think the benefits of quitting social media outweight the mostly nonexistent downsids by far. I just made this up while writing, I did not research this for a long time, so don't go nitpicking on it.

Sure there are also some benefits of social media, but mainly for using it for marketing to other social media users, less in using it yourself, but I had not much luck with that either as I described in another post here: Maybe I'm just not corrupt and manipulative at all, to bribe social media "influencers", but whatever, my personal wellbeing is more important to me, than being popular in my nonexistent business. This brings me to another maybe drawback of quitting social media, which is you will be less "popular", but in my case I think engaging there makes me even more unpopular, so this probably is only a potential drawback for normal people.

Additionally I have to say I never engaged much in social media to begin with, but I followed some types of it, even though I did not engage in it myself for the most part. I still maintain some accounts here and there, but mostly for promotion of my art and my game, but as previously said, it does not benefit me much, so I may quit those as well at some point. Maybe I will quit the remaining accounts as well, when the search engines should decide to boycott me less and give me some clicks.

But overall I enjoy the freedom and more time for productive work and not having to check and update every account on every social media platform I'm on. I mean it seems they don't want me on there anyway csonsidering all the censorship and banning I encountered, maybe those platforms are designed for idiots and they don't want normal sane people on there to begin with, so maybe it was my fault to go there to begin with.

I can just recommend everyone to quit social media and get back on the real internet, not the fake one and become happy and free.

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