January 2016

Uebergame released

After a bit of delay version is finally out.

It brings a new game-mode: Paintball Deathmatch, which is instagib gameplay, since one hit "kills" the opponent, so be careful. It can be played on the already existing maps, if you want to play it look out for servers that run it.

For self hosting there is no ingame options dialog yet to change the gamemode to paintball, so you have to do it manually by editing the file: scripts/server/scriptExec.cs remove the first two "//" in the last line of the file, this will uncomment the paintball gamemode and activate it, to deactivate it, add the two characters again.

There is also a lot of other small changes to the game, here is a rough changelog:

-Paintball gamemode, playermodel, weapons
-Rifle fires more smooth
-Sounds have been improved to have more variation
-Particles have been optimized a bit
-There are blood decals now based on how much damage a player receives.
-Mapcycle is now random by default
-Crosshair in third person, but this is just experimental and not optimized yet
-BuildingSite, DirtPit and DesertRuins have been change a bit
-New art assets to use in the Editor
-and a bunch of overall optimizations.

PS: Very rarely there may be connection errors, when trying to initially joining servers, that go like "unable to resolve sfxDescription" etc, just ignore that and try again, it should go away then.

For the non-Steam version check the downloads section: http://www.duion.com/games/uebergame/downloads

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