Art section - Free textures, photos and seamless textures under public domain / CC-0 license

Special offer:

As I decided to quit publishing on Opengameart, I made an archive of all my contributions there, it also contains a lot of items I published here under "Textures", "Synthetic Textures" and "3D-Models", so download it to get a lot of the content here in one file, there are also some older and minor contributions inside the archive, that are not availalbe for download here.

Read the related blog post here:

Or download the Opengameart Duion Archive file directly here:

It contains all the assets I released on Opengameart in an updated form, for example you get the UberPack-1 and Konserian Highlands set already combined in one folder, I only split them up, because of filesize limitation. You also get the Torque3D example terrains, the Torque3D terrain textures, some Uebergame asset source files, some trash art assets I had still floating around and of course all my old stuff.


This is the Art-Section.

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This is becoming a general repository for free and open source compatible digital art, for everyone to use without conditions. It gets regularly updated with new content.

The categories:

Texture photos: Contains photos made for the intention of making seamless textures for level design or webdesign or to be used for texture painting in blender. They will also go well with image editing in applications like Gimp, Photoshop, Illustrator etc.

Normal photos: This is for general artistic or scenery photography and not directly suited for texturing.

Textures: This stands for edited texture photos so they can be more directly used in applications. It means that they have been made either seamless, shadows removed, alpha cut out and/or material layers and settings generated for them like normal maps, ambient occlusion, specular maps, height maps, alpha mask etc.

Synthetic textures: The same as textures but this contains only artificially created texture patterns, like painted by hand, generated with filter algorithms or from rendered 3d-Models. So these may not be all very realistic, so if you need realistic textures stay with textures.

3D-Models: This will become an archive of game-ready 3D-Models. Since I'm creating a free open source game, I will release the source files of the models created for it here also. They are mostly made for the game engine Torque3D, so they will be compatible with it and easy to use with it. But this category can also contain other 3D-Models for example general patterns to render textures from, sketches, or work in progress.


All artwork found under this section is licensed CC0 (Public Domain), this means there is no copyright and it is absolutely free to use for everyone and of course also free for commercial use.


To the extent possible under law, the person who associated CC0 with this work has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.


Allthough there is not even the need to give credit, you are as well welcome to credit the original authors of the works and/or this site, if you use the artwork in this category, since the authors and the creator of this site have put quite some work into it.


Use the menu on the left to browse through the categories, the main window will always list you thumbnails from all categories below from what you have selected. The items are sorted by date. If click a thumbnail, you will be redirected to a page with a bigger preview picture and some information about the image also there is a comment function for every image.

If you want to download an image, click the image again on the preview site and the image will open in full-size, then you can save it to your computer, alternatively you can directly right-click on the preview image and select "save target as" from the menu, this will also save the full resolution image.

The full size images can be huge in filesize and resolution, this is because we want to always offer you the best quality possible. There is no download quota at the moment, so you can download as much as you want, but please only when you need it, so don't just waste traffic.


Usually there is some information added into the image comment for example, such as download source, author and license, to help you keep track of the origin and license.

The content was created with great care to not violate any rights, by avoiding to picture identifiable people or brand names, so the content can be used without having to worry. Nevertheless if you still notice any cases of this, you can contact the the admin to take care of that.


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